Imaging Device as a Service

Consistent Billing & Profit Margin Protection

NEXERA’s iDaaS Quote Builder allows dealers to furnish their customers with an all-inclusive monthly rate for printing devices that encompasses supplies, services, and parts.

The software tool also enables dealers to factor in their profit margin percentage, which creates a buffer in an era of dwindling print volume. The end user, meanwhile, benefits from cost certainty in budgeting for their print needs. The iDaaS solution allows users to put in whatever their toner rates are, what type of machine it is, make and model. With any specific volume, we can tell them what it’s going to cost—parts, labor, and supplies—to reach a defined profit margin.

Cost estimates are based on the dealerships actual performance stats if provided, or the NEXERA exclusive Worldstats™ if the dealer does not supply their own data performance stats, or if the dealers’ stats do not provide enough data to provide a high enough coefficient of accuracy to deem a confident quoting method. The Worldstats™ database adds a layer of protection, adding a checksum method ensuring the dealers pricing is accurate.

“iDaaS brings big data analytics and science to predicting cost and profit in a simple to use program. The world is changing to a consumption model and print is no different. If you are planning to implement a no meter billing program you have to use this tool.”

– Steve Gau, President Copier Division, Marco

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