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Solutions Overview​

The success of any organization relies heavily on effective data management, which underpins every aspect of its operations. However, not all data management solutions are equal. NEXERA’s Acuity Performance Measurement and Coaching Solution stands out as a comprehensive platform designed to optimize service, parts, and labor resources, thereby enhancing the overall value of your business.

Acuity offers structured processes to manage resources efficiently, catering to every level within the organization, from the CEO to the Technician. It provides quick and insightful summary analyses while allowing users to drill down into detailed information for a comprehensive understanding of performance.

One of Acuity’s unique features is its fully customizable grade-based bonus program for Supervisors and Technicians, offering an innovative approach to incentivizing performance. This program is the first of its kind in the industry, providing a tailored and motivating rewards system.

By leveraging solutions built from extensive industry data, Acuity empowers organizations to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights and opportunities. It goes beyond mere data management, enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of their data resources.

How Acuity Works

The first step in implementing Acuity is creating a hierarchy that delineates the reporting structure within the organization.  Once the hierarchy is established, Acuity provides each user with a unique login to access a comprehensive dashboard tailored to their role within the organization. This dashboard serves as a central hub where users can access both individual and aggregated team performance metrics. The dashboard presents key performance indicators relevant to each user’s responsibilities and objectives. These metrics include service response times, quality call percentages, time accountability, machine performance, and much more. By providing users with real-time access to relevant performance data, Acuity enables informed decision-making at every level of the organization. Supervisors can track the progress of their teams, identify areas for improvement, create individualized bonus programs and provide targeted coaching and support. Service managers can analyze trends, allocate resources effectively, and optimize service delivery processes. Executives can gain valuable insights into overall business performance, identify strategic opportunities, and drive organizational growth.

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FACT: Studies show companies that effectively communicate with their technicians have an increase in time accountability of 56 minutes per day and do 29.8 more calls a month, with an average FCE that is 22% greater and a parts cost per call of $5.91 (15.5% less).

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