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Solutions Overview​

Take a look inside any successful organization and you’ll likely discover data management that is powering every process, it’s that critical. But not every solution is created the same. NEXERA’s Acuity Performance Measurement and Coaching Solution is one platform, designed to provide structure and process for managing your service, parts and labor resources to increase the value of your business. Acuity is available to all levels of the organization from CEO to Technician to provide quick and effective summary analysis and drill down detail. Combined with proven solutions built from the largest database in the industry, Acuity will help you transform big data into a big opportunity. It’s no longer enough just to manage your data—you need to unleash its potential.

How Acuity Works

Acuity provides the first-ever comprehensive, structured management solution for the copy/print dealer community to effectively collaborate, communicate, and manage all aspects of service operations to deliver superior performance. The on-demand data and structure allows for “at a click” comprehensive performance reporting and employee development metrics that can be utilized at all levels of the organization. From CEO to VP, to Operations Management and Service Management, to Supervisors to Service Team and Technicians, you can to quickly dive deeper into your organization than ever before to explore key business metrics and proactively collaborate with your team on performance objectives and strategic business opportunities.

See Performance Measurement & Coaching Solution In Action

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FACT: Studies show companies that effectively communicate with their technicians have an increase in time accountability of 56 minutes per day and do 29.8 more calls a month, with an average FCE that is 22% greater and a parts cost per call of $5.91 (15.5% less).

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