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I am a bit unique to the Service Manager Field. I have had no field experience, and I am a woman two strikes. However, when we obtained BEI, even a rookie can look good. The support is amazing, they call back with the information you need and even give you more than expected.

BEI is a must in this industry. There are so many reports and information that would take you hours, even days to gather and BEI has it at your fingertips. They are constantly updating and giving you even more information. BEI is like my assistant, it has all the information and I get all the credit. Thanks for all you and your staff’s help Steve!

Sue Asher

Utilizing BEI Services solutions has increased our First Call Effectiveness 29%, reducing manpower requirements and decreasing our response time by more than 5 hours. Our serial count has grown 39%, while only we increased parts spend by 5.5%.

Dave Mann

I was introduced to BEI Services about 2 years ago at ITEX in Las Vegas. At the time, I was working on a new bonus plan for my technicians. I was presented with a solution that sounded almost too good to be true.

As a Service Manager, I spent a lot of hours preparing statistics each month in order to see where we stand as far as parts, call times, CBCs and so on. I also needed these numbers for our old bonus plan to work. Now, BEI does it all in just a few minutes per month. I get more information than I ever have before and a bonus plan incorporated within it. They have provided a solution for our company that not only saves time but increases profits as well.

Ron Coleman
Service Manager

I have been extremely happy with both the BEI product and the exceptional support I receive. The data we pull from BEI is extremely valuable when dealing with our vendors and the integrity is respected by those vendors. Additionally, the TechComp program has helped me focus the Service Technicians on the quality objectives which make us successful.

John Hobbs
Operations Manager

By creating and optimizing territories for our technicians, we have significantly reduced our incompletes and increased our FCE. We have seen an increase in tech efficiency as well as better preparedness in terms of car stock. Our hold for parts overall has decreased by as much as 10%. Our FCE has increased as much as 11%. Incompletes have reduced and maintained steadily below 10% company goal.

Joe Pesetsky
Branch Technical Manager

After we implemented the BEI Services solutions, we’ve increased our First Call Effectiveness by 17%, reducing callbacks 8% and hold for parts returns 9%. As of today, we have increased our serial count over 18% while decreasing our average monthly parts spend by almost 35%, saving us more than $12,000 every month. The solutions BEI offers have made a tremendous difference in our service department, saving us both time and money, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Ann Gilley

One of the great challenges of service management is how to duplicate yourself to be able to accomplish everything that is needed from that position, Tech Acuity helps do exactly that. It has allowed me to not only give the numbers but the visual and tracking tools to show how every stat is linked. The flow of coaching that Acuity helps to facilitate helps build my supervisors into mobile service managers.

Josh Raven
VP of Service

With BSC, you have unlimited access for one monthly fee. That access is to staff who are experienced and knowledgeable in our industry. There are a lot of other people may be in the industry, but they don’t really know what they are doing. BSC has the experience and knowledge to deliver turnkey solutions with staff with diversified skills who work within all areas of our business.

Tom Rizk

BEI has played a huge role in allowing us to operate more efficiently with fewer technicians. With BEI prodding us to have the open dialogue with each technician on a monthly basis, seemed to really bring things into perspective for the average field technician. That back-n-forth communication, in my opinion, is what really made the difference for us. And having the data at our fingertips made that possible. So, yeah, long story short, BEI played a huge role in our ability to operate more efficiently with less manpower. Thanks for taking such an active role with us while we still learn to navigate Acuity!

Tracy Short
Vice President of Service

Utilizing BEI’s territory solutions provides a systematic approach to creating and managing effective territories for my Technicians, establishing car stocks quickly and easily, resulting in increased first call effectiveness, profitability, and overall customer satisfaction.

Chris Watson

We have partnered with BEI services for over 15 years. BEI is always listening to what their partners are looking for to improve their service departments. The territory mapping tool is a powerful tool. We service multiple manufacturers and this gives us the ability to assign a territory to a technician based on his capabilities but also set up a car stock for maximum productivity. The dealer stat page is another tool we use. With this tool, we can focus on those customers and their equipment and improve our partnership with them.

With BEI we are always finding our opportunities to improve our service department and our customer service with our clients.

Dale Scheuerman
Director of Service

I recommend every dealer use BEI Services. Over the years, the information they have provided us has saved our organization tens of thousands of dollars beyond our investment in their program.

Kevin McCarthy
President and CEO

BEI Services and the Technician Compensation Program have reduced our parts cost by 28%!

Peter G. Humphrey

NEXERA’s iDaaS brings big data analytics and science to predicting cost and profit in a simple to use program.  The world is changing to a consumption model and print is no different.  If you are planning to implement a no meter billing program you have to use this tool.

Steve Gau
President Copier Division

Having worked with BEI/NEXERA for more than fifteen years utilizing the reports and data, they have been an incredible resource in helping us coach our Service Management Team as we implemented various strategic initiatives to improve our Aftermarket business.

The data and reports helped Fraser Advanced Information Systems continue our growth trajectory, improving our bottom line year over year with 10% growth increases each year.

Jim Pierce
Chief Operations Officer

Our techs work hard to be the top tech each month…by analyzing our performance through BEI we are able to determine exactly what things we need to do to help them improve their performance.

Our callback percentage is dropping because the techs are doing complete calls… We are holding fewer calls for parts because we use our monthly stats to improve our parts restocking program. Compiling parts usage reports and machine statistics is easy with BEI…and when I have a question about the program it’s easy to get the answer…sometimes in just minutes!

Ed Kangas
Field Service Supervisor

With the implementation of the Acuity Tech Coaching solution from Nexera we have been able to vastly improve many of our Performance and Vital stats. We have gone from a FCE% of 49% in October 2019 to 63% in June 2020. That is comprised of CB% going from 44% to 29% and HP% going from 7% to 8%. Not much change on the HP% because there wasn’t much room for improvement but still at benchmark. We continue to see more and more technicians reach the goal of a 72% FCE%. We are fully utilizing the audit and assessment functions of the module with the assessments being done through remote sessions and audits filled out on the fly by managers and supervisors using their phone.

In conjunction with Acuity we started using the Tech Comp program back in May 2020 and just after a couple of months that program is gaining momentum with average payouts going up.

I can’t thank you enough for all of the help you have provided throughout this time in not only training but in looking for methods to make using the system easier.

I’m looking forward to further improvements in our performance through continued use of your solutions and also the future enhancements you have talked about in your systems.

Thanks for all you do!

Don Katalenas – VP of Service
VP of Service

We have used BEI/Nexera for over a decade to help measure and improve our service team’s productivity. The ability to compare our productivity and cost against a national average helps us set benchmarks that are realistic and competitive in the marketplace.  The Tech Acuity lets each technician and team see their performance as well as how they compare to others in the company and national averages.   Tech Acuity is also an easy way to perform and track monthly evaluations, ride withs, AM/PM Checks, and call audits.   We know that any monthly bonus paid to the technicians through the Tech Comp plan is easily paid for with savings from increased productivity.   Now that we have the ability to monitor technician’s activity with daily updates Nexera has added even more value for us.   

Bart Cornwall – VP of Service
VP of Service

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