Part 4: What You Can Expect as a Nexera Customer

Service Territory Creation and Management Without the Headaches

In the dynamic landscape of customer service, effective territory management is a cornerstone for success. As a NEXERA customer, you can anticipate a game-changing experience with our Advanced Territory Management solution. In this fourth installment of our series, we delve into how this innovative tool is reshaping the way territories are created and managed, bringing unprecedented efficiency and speed to the process. 

Streamlining Territory Creation and Management 

NEXERA’s Advanced Territory Management offers a seamless solution for the swift and efficient creation and management of territories. The importance of accurately defining and managing territories for technicians cannot be overstated. It is a critical element in gauging workforce requirements, reducing travel time, decreasing service response time, controlling car stock inventory, and ensuring elevated levels of customer satisfaction. 

How it Works 

The functionality of Advanced Territory Management is a testament to its sophistication. The solution enables the visual creation of territories, with automatic calculations of technician and machine-specific demand time requirements. This not only simplifies the process of creating territories based on technician model performance but also allows for specialization by manufacturer, machine segment, model, or customer. 

Once territories are created, the system facilitates the importation of both technician assignments and territory-based car stock requirements directly into your ERP. This integration not only saves your company countless hours in territory and car stock creation but also streamlines adjustments and maintenance processes. The result is a set of optimized, data-driven territories that enhance service efficiency, drive revenue higher, and contribute to an overall improved customer experience. 

Key Features:

The features of Advanced Territory Management are designed to empower your service operations: 

Interactive Map-Based Interface: Visualize your MIF (Machine in Field) with an intuitive map-based interface. 

Performance Analysis: Evaluate technician performance in each territory and ‘Right Size’ based on required demand time, including travel time. 

WorldStats™ Comparative Demand Time Calculations: Benefit from exclusive comparative demand time calculations to optimize territory allocation. 

Scenario Planning: Create multiple ‘Schemes’ and explore ‘What If’ mapping scenarios to enhance decision-making. 

Smart Assignment System: Simplify ongoing maintenance with an intelligent assignment system. 

ZIP Code Integration: Create territories based on ZIP codes or seamlessly import them directly from your ERP. 

Integrated Customer/Device Service History Data: Access a comprehensive view of service history data to enhance decision-making. 

Embrace the future of territory management with NEXERA and unlock new possibilities for your company’s success. 

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