Part 2: What You Can Expect as a Nexera Customer

Enhancing Technician Performance with the Acuity Solution

In the competitive landscape of service operations, optimizing cost-efficiency is paramount for businesses looking to thrive. One of the key strategies for cost reduction involves focusing on two critical areas: labor and parts. In this second installment of our series on “What Can You Expect as a Nexera Customer,” we delve into the importance of technician performance optimization and how Nexera’s Acuity solution offers a comprehensive toolkit for achieving this. 

The Significance of Technician Performance 

In service-based industries, technician performance is a linchpin for success. Effective management of technicians is crucial, yet it can pose a significant challenge without the right tools to analyze and enhance their performance. Nexera understands this challenge and addresses it head-on by providing a set of robust features within the Acuity solution. These features offer detailed insights into technician performance, empowering service managers, supervisors, and technicians to make data-driven decisions that enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Key Metrics for Technician Performance 

Nexera’s Acuity solution encompasses a variety of vital statistics and performance metrics to gauge technician effectiveness. These metrics include: 

  1. Time Accountability: Tracking the time technicians spend on tasks, ensuring maximum productivity.
  2.  Return for Parts Rates: Assessing the efficiency of parts replacement and minimizing unnecessary returns.
  3. Customer Call Back Percentages: Evaluating the quality of service calls to reduce callbacks.
  4. Mean Copies Between Visits (MCBV): Determining the frequency of technician visits and optimizing it.
  5. Parts and Labor Cost per Page: Analyzing costs on both overall and model-specific levels. 

All this valuable information plus much more is presented through easily digestible reports, including the industry-exclusive technician grade card, which offers an impartial performance summary. These reports can be automated and delivered routinely to stakeholders, saving valuable time by eliminating the need for manual data compilation and monitoring. 

The Road to Enhanced Performance 

To harness the power of Nexera’s Acuity solution for technician performance optimization, a strategic approach is crucial. The journey begins with supervisors understanding, monitoring, and setting goals for technician performance within Acuity. The data provided is not isolated but is based on current industry and world comparative data, enabling managers and technicians to swiftly identify areas of excellence and areas that need improvement. 

Next, the focus shifts to inspiring and coaching technicians. Monthly assessments are integral in ensuring that all performance goals are clearly communicated and agreed upon by both parties. Additionally, the platform allows for audits to be conducted directly within Acuity, providing a holistic performance management system for your service teams. 

Impressive Outcomes: A Nexera Study 

The effectiveness of Nexera’s Acuity solution in enhancing technician performance is substantiated by a recent study conducted by the company. Dealerships that implemented coaching through Acuity reported significant improvements, including:  

  • An 11.7% increase in effective and accountable work time, ensuring more productive hours. 
  • A remarkable 28.5% boost in the number of calls handled per technician per month, demonstrating improved efficiency. 
  • A 15.5% reduction in parts usage, resulting in cost savings and increased profitability. 


Nexera’s commitment to improving technician performance through its Acuity solution is a testament to its dedication to customer success. With comprehensive technician performance reports, actionable data, and the power of coaching, Nexera empowers service operations to excel in a competitive environment. As a Nexera customer, you can expect not only industry-leading technology but also a partner committed to your ongoing success. 

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