Is Outsourcing Going to be the New Normal?

What can you do different if you come back at 50% staffing levels?

As a response to the recent COVID crisis, many of us have been forced to go through the agonizing pain of furloughing or laying off employees in an effort to keep our business viable, and I can’t think of anything worse.  I truly believe many are anticipating everything will go back to “normal”, and when it does, your entire team will come back as well.  Unfortunately, I do not feel that this is a realistic vision.  It is great to be optimistic, but we still need to be grounded in reality. 

As you contemplate how you will ramp back up to whatever the new level looks like, I’d like to suggest you consider outsourcing parts of your business. Think about this:

  1. Outsourcing companies make money by being efficient and experts in their area of focus, i.e. sales tax, insurance, payroll etc.
  2. They are generally much less expensive than having the same role in house.
  3. They are easy to hire and easy to let go of if they don’t do their job to your expectations.
  4. They don’t get sick time or vacation leave.

These are just a few of the benefits.  

Are there areas of your business that you have not considered as potential areas that could benefit from outsourcing?  Did you know that Nexera can provide the answers?  We provide:

  • E-Automate expertise for your back-office support and system best practices
  • Admin Oversight and benchmarking
  • Contract management
  • Payroll
  • AR/AP
  • Collections
  • Monthly financial reconciliation and reporting
  • Virtual CFO
  • Service management development
  • IT services for e-Automate updates and services
  • FM Audit management and support
  • Turnkey document management sales and installation
  • Sales growth management for net new business

Contact the NEXERA Team today to learn how we can help you outsource successfully, and set up your business for future success!  We offer no-cost consultations. 

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