Webinar Event – Proven Best Practices in Service Management

PROVEN Best Practices in Service Management 

Using comparative data and Nexera Solutions to achieve 70% First Call Effectiveness

Learn the secrets to success from industry veteran Jack Duncan as he introduces you to CopyPro, a dealership that has utilized Nexera solutions to catapult their company to being one of the top performers in the industry!  Touting a 76% first call effectiveness rate, CopyPro sets the standard for how to implement the processes needed to build and maintain a world class service operation. 


  • The impact of Increased First Call Effectiveness on Copypro
    • Debra Dennis, CopyPro
  • The Secrets to CopyPro’s Success
    • Jack Duncan, JDC
  • Using Effective Workload Distribution Territory Mapping for Territory Planning/Management
    • See the best territory mapping solution on the market in action
  • Setting up accurate Car Stocks using Nexera’s Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) Solution 
  • Using Acuity Tech Coaching for Success
  • Question & Answer Session
    • Richie Creech, Director of Service, CopyPro
    • Pete Lipford, Service Supervisor, CopyPro
    • Bill Rogers, Certified Trainer

Wednesday December 9th
10:00am Pacific | 1:00pm Eastern
Duration: 90 Minutes 
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