Tracking MCBV as a Service Performance Metric

Mean Copies Between Visits (MCBV) is a commonly used performance metric in the copier industry as it provides an insight into the efficiency and reliability of copier machines as a result of the service provided. MCBV measures the average number of copies made between maintenance visits, and indicates how well the machine is functioning.  A high MCBV value means that the copier is functioning well and requires less frequent maintenance, while a low MCBV value suggests that the machine may have issues and requires more frequent attention. This information is valuable for copier service providers, as it helps them allocate resources more effectively, improve customer satisfaction, and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, it can also provide insight into the overall utilization of the machine and potential areas for cost savings.

When assessing MCBV do you know what GOOD is supposed to look like?

Nexera tracks over a million service calls a month, on millions of serial numbers. We create an average MCBV of any metered model in our database. We then track this number down to the tech level and can compare it to the models that the tech works on, comparing it to the same world model.

So, let’s say a world model has 12,500 MCBV and a tech is running 13,750 MCBV. We now know that tech is running at 110% MCBV or 10% better. We want to see this all day long, we always want to strive to be better than good!

Now let’s take the same world model getting 12,500 MCBV and you have another tech running MCBV around 6,250. They are at 50% of the world MCBV %. What can you look at to see the probable causes? Again, this process allows you to dig into this model to find out those issues.

The issues fall in to 3 different categories:
1.      Customer or customer location; right machine wrong environment, sales oversold.
2.      Training, total call process; too many callback calls on the model.
3.      Parts’ issues; not carrying the proper parts for the model and having to return for parts.

Now because we can measure the minutia, we can now bubble this up to every model for the technician, every technician on a team, and every team in an organization.

How does you organization compare to MCBV? Do you want to know? For E-Automate users: Set up our connector for a zero-obligation review. We would love to help you inspect this number for your dealership.

By: Guy Worzel, Performance Analyst, NEXERA

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