5 Benefits of Performance Based Territories

We all know how painstaking it can be to create and maintain effective service territories. There are many reasons why some dealerships avoid setting them up altogether including the complexity of certain geographic areas, constantly shifting service demand, organizational changes, and an overall lack of reliable data necessary to be successful. However, the benefits of implementing a solid territory creation and maintenance strategy will far outweigh the challenges and can be a game changer for your dealership! Companies who utilize performance-based technician territories benefit in the following ways:  

  1. Greater customer satisfaction: Customers are serviced by technicians who have the right skills and knowledge to fix their specific problems. This leads to faster and more accurate diagnoses and repairs, eliminating instances where the customer must call back for additional service.  
  2. Reduced downtime: Technicians can quickly identify and resolve issues; they are also far more likely to be carrying the right parts to fix the machine on the first service visit, reducing downtime and increasing the overall efficiency of the Service Department. 
  3. Increased productivity: Optimized technician routes and schedules will reduce the required travel time and increase the number of service calls that can be completed daily. This increase in productivity leads to higher revenue for the Service Department. 
  4. Improved technician satisfaction: Technicians are more likely to feel confident and empowered to complete their jobs. This can lead to increased job satisfaction,  lower turnover rates and a more stable workforce. 
  5. Better resource allocation: By understanding technician proficiency, Service Managers can better allocate resources such as training, tools, and parts to ensure that technicians have everything they need to complete service calls effectively. This results in fewer mistakes and more efficient resource use.

 Overall, setting up service territories based on technician proficiency can help service departments to provide faster, more efficient, and higher-quality service to customers, while also reducing costs and improving technician productivity. 

If you are contemplating the implementation of a territory creation and management solution that will address and resolve all the usual challenges associated with the process, contact Nexera today for a demonstration of our Advanced Territory Management (ATM) solution. 

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