CRM Management

NEXERA Provides Virtual Service Management

Our program delivers tested, industry best-practices customized for your business. We provide your team with the tools they need to build your bottom line.

Service Management

  • Sound management advice from trained Office Automation Industry veterans.
  • NEXERA’s customized reports track indicators and results for your team.
  • We partner with your team to deliver increased profits at lower costs than current internal levels.

Service Management

We train your team to manage themselves, by teaching them how to generate and read reports, how to set challenging but achievable goals, and, most importantly, how to lead!

Key Performance Indicators

We compare industry standards to current operations to identify hidden strengths and opportunities for your team to maximize productivity while reducing costs and turnover. We give your existing team a clear path to success, reducing stress while raising productivity.

Leading for Success

By coaching your team on industry best practices, and by reporting weekly metrics, we are able to develop your service team to take ownership of their own performance. We train on proven service techniques and the latest tips-and-tricks for your Service Tracking software.

Device History Monitoring

Using our proprietary Trend Line Analysis, we can show which machines, and customers require the most attention. By projecting this data forward, we show when it is time to upgrade contracts to maintain customer uptime and your bottom line.

Next Step

Our team of experts averages 28 years of experience in the office automation industry – we are ready to implement these services TODAY!