Project Management

NEXERA provides many project management services to help your business succeed such as:

  • Strategic Planning to determine Project requirements defining the scope
  • Project Design
  • Implementation with staff and Managers
  • Employee Coaching

A software system upgrade is a project. It’s a complex project, often involving tasks outside the typical skill set of smaller businesses in the office automation vertical. While a software systems provider may be an expert in their software and all its capabilities, they may not be an expert in the finer nuances and operating requirements of individual resellers.

Unless this project management capability gap is closed, there becomes a serious risk of a systems upgrade taking longer, and costing more than it should. There’s also a risk it can outright fail.

If a systems upgrade is messed up, it will almost certainly have profound implications on the performance of a business. Implications that will, at a minimum, cost money and distract management from other critical day-to-day business requirements and, at a maximum, place a threat on the long-term survival of the business.

To minimize the risks of a systems upgrade project failing, leverage our decades of experience in the Office Automation channel with a proven project planning process including timelines, accountability, and a collaborative approach designed to ensure all parties are satisfied with the outcome.