With the implementation of the Acuity Tech Coaching solution from Nexera we have been able to vastly improve many of our Performance and Vital stats. We have gone from a FCE% of 49% in October 2019 to 63% in June 2020. That is comprised of CB% going from 44% to 29% and HP% going from 7% to 8%. Not much change on the HP% because there wasn’t much room for improvement but still at benchmark. We continue to see more and more technicians reach the goal of a 72% FCE%. We are fully utilizing the audit and assessment functions of the module with the assessments being done through remote sessions and audits filled out on the fly by managers and supervisors using their phone.

In conjunction with Acuity we started using the Tech Comp program back in May 2020 and just after a couple of months that program is gaining momentum with average payouts going up.

I can’t thank you enough for all of the help you have provided throughout this time in not only training but in looking for methods to make using the system easier.

I’m looking forward to further improvements in our performance through continued use of your solutions and also the future enhancements you have talked about in your systems.

Thanks for all you do!