Overview – What You Can Expect as a Nexera Customer

Overview: A Total Solution

Nexera is in the business of helping dealerships, MSP/MPS providers, and manufacturers enhance service department operations. With more than three decades of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of our clients. As a customer you can expect a range of benefits and features that aim to simplify and improve the process required to manage a service department so you can reduce costs and achieve world-class performance. With our total solution approach, clients can expect unlimited access to: 

World Comparative Performance Analytics (WorldStats™)  

The world’s largest database of service analytics and data-driven insights that compare the performance of your service department to industry benchmarks on a global scale. It can help identify areas for improvement by providing a comprehensive overview of your performance relative to others in the same industry. 

Acuity Performance Measurement and Coaching 

A solution that develops employees, measures, and assesses the performance of your service department and provides insights and guidance on how to improve. 

Technician/Supervisor Grade Based Bonus Program 

The first of its kind fully customizable bonus program that can be used to drive performance, improve efficiency, and align employee efforts with your dealership objectives, all while providing a transparent and customizable approach to bonuses. 

Territory Management and Automated Car Stock Creation 

Create and manage service territories efficiently, as well as create accurate car stocks based on machine assignments, ensuring your service technicians have the parts needed to fix the machine on the first visit.  

Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) 

Understand, control, and prevent parts obsolescence by identifying parts that are overstocked and nearing obsolescence in each warehouse location including technician car stocks. Also, maintain optimal inventory reorder levels.  

Executive Insight  

Concise dashboard style reporting provides executives with an uncomplicated visual perspective of areas of operational cost excess that can be targeted to increase profitability.  

A Dedicated Performance Analyst  

Full access to a Nexera expert who can focus on analyzing and improving the performance of your service department, providing personalized training, insights, and recommendations. 

At Nexera, your success is our success. We are here to support you, to drive your performance, to optimize your efficiency, and to help you achieve your dealership objectives. Our commitment is not just a promise but a proven track record of service excellence. We look forward to partnering with you on the journey toward your service department’s continued growth and success. 

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