Web Presence Management

NEXERA provides a suite of web-presence management services to help your business succeed:

Over 70% of buyers now research online before ever considering engaging with a salesperson and over 65% of buyers say the first place they look to learn more about a company is its website.

It, therefore, stands to reason that for a company to have a chance of engaging with the 70%+ of buyers that are researching for answers to their problems, there must be content on the website that has been created and published specifically for the purpose of answering those questions.

There are more than 1.3 BILLION websites and most of the traffic goes to a small number of these sites. For a website to place well in search results and attract organic traffic it must conform with a long list of “rules” that combine to determine where it will appear in search results.

Most smaller businesses don’t employ resources that have the necessary skills to achieve these standards. As a result, most websites in the office automation industry are inadequate for today’s market.



  1. Website upgrade quickly and inexpensively implemented
  2. Responsive for varying screen sizes (mobile)
  3. Content designed for the “ideal buyer’s” research
  4. Search engine optimized
  5. Integrated with social media
  6. Complete with “visit-to-lead” conversion tools:
    1. Instant chat
    2. Bots
    3. Forms


  1. Email client
    1. Track customer communications
      1. Client proposals
      2. Monitor client engagement
  2. CRM
    1. Monitor website visits and engagement
    2. Learn what visitors are interested in
    3. Build accurate contact profiles
  3. Email marketing
    1. Dynamic contact list segmentation
    2. Targeted email marketing
      1. Monitoring Opens, Clicks, Engagement
      2. Observing email marketing best practices
      3. Sending relevant marketing content to the right person at the right time
    3. Email performance analytics fully integrated
  4. Website chats/conversations
    1. Contact owner instant notifications
    2. Transcripts of all chats to CRM
    3. Auto email of chat transcript sent to contact
    4. Automation / Bots for gathering information on visitors
  5. Forms for visit-to-lead conversions
    1. Downloadable content in exchange for contact information
    2. White Papers
    3. Case Studies
    4. Pillar Content (Topic-Based and designed for AI and searcher intent)
  6. Lead Flows (Pop-Up Forms)
    1. Strategically deployed
    2. Using best practice
    3. Display only after a visitor has engaged with a web page
    4. Automatic follow-up emails with additional content offers

Social Media

  1. Website integrated with relevant social media platforms
  2. Daily posting content
  3. Optimized social media profiles
  4. Content formatted for one-click share to social media

Local Listings

  1. Standardized for 60+ local listing directories
  2. Google My Business

Analytics Integration

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Google Tag Manager