NEXERA delivers tested, industry best practices customized for you. We provide your team with the tools they need to build your bottom line, including the creation of unique policy and procedure manuals.

  • Creation of your Operation Specific Policy Manuals
  • Training and Coaching of your staff and managers
  • Project Management that includes Implementation of Policies
  • Integration of Job Descriptions
  • Creation of the full Department Management Plan


For a business to operate successfully (efficiently) in the digital world it must embrace software and technology and, at some point, usually faces a “business-defining” vendor selection decision associated with obtaining the best software and technology solutions on which to operate its business.

However, even for independent resellers operating within the office automation vertical, it is common for each business to operate in slightly different ways.

Third-party software applications may contain features vital for one business but less so to another and, with provider training usually attempting to educate customers about all the capabilities of their software, it is often without regard to whether each business has a need for all the capabilities and features offered.

While well-intentioned, this can result in customers attempting to re-engineer their business to leverage capabilities that have been demonstrated, but that which may not be well-suited to how they operate their business. This can lead to confusion, frustration, and disappointment as anticipated timeframes, and performance objectives fail to be accomplished.

To avoid these costly outcomes, leverage our decades of expertise in the Office Automation channel to ensure your transition from a legacy system to a new state-of-the-art software platform is achieved within budget and inside the expected timeframe. Do so without the risks associated with changing business practices necessary to utilize software features that may not be a good fit for your business.

  • Leverage our best practices developed from hundreds of successful implementations to achieve the operational improvements you expected when you made your software procurement decision utilizing a proven project plan, task accountability, defined timeframes, and execution within pre-set budgets.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of botched go-live deadlines with a seamless cut-over to new systems with synchronized data and a clean exit from legacy systems.