IT Design and Solutions

NEXERA can help your business succeed with IT services:

Accompanying most software systems upgrades are related decisions for the optimal information technology infrastructure necessary to get the most out of the new systems. Typically, this may involve decisions to join a hosted or cloud-based environment that could either be;

  • Part of the software providers solution
  • Sourced from an independent cloud-solutions provider
  • Data cleanup and maintenance
  • SQL database engineering, cleanup, and maintenance
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Firewall & Security
  • Data bottlenecks – balancing the load to optimize infrastructure knowing the network is only as fast as the slowest hardware forming the network
  • Business Applications – data management and API’s for systems integration

To avoid costly mistakes, such as are typically encountered with information technology upgrades, leverage our decades of experience in the Office Automation channel to ensure your data transfer is optimized for the systems upgrade. Accomplish this while;

  • Ensuring user familiarity is established for the new systems
  • The ability to conduct all business-critical work practices is preserved

The best practices we have established from hundreds of successful implementations will ensure you get what you expected out of a systems upgrade, minimizing risk, and maximizing satisfaction for all the stakeholders.

Are you interested to benefit from a no-risk, no-obligation IT evaluation?