Human Resources

NEXERA Human Resources Management and Consulting can take your organization to the Next Level:

 ☑️  Human Resources Administration

Are you and your managers overwhelmed by administrative and personnel tasks such as hiring and onboarding, payroll concerns, performance reviews, leave of absence, ineffective compensation plans, and constant turnover? How much time do your managers currently spend documenting their team’s performance if at all? What if your organization had a tool available that made this process automatic? What would it mean to your employees to see an individualized performance metric tool that showed them how they are currently performing against not only to their peers but also the industry’s top performers? At Nexera, we have incredible success stories including one technician who was in the bottom 50% of his company, but after having access to our Acuity tool, excelled to the top 5% of all technicians we measure across over 250 dealers within our industry.

☑️  Managing Overhead

How does your organization currently measure appropriate staffing levels? At Nexera, we will help you to build a realistic assessment of personnel needs over the next year by assessing the current performance of your employees and how each contribute given their current workload using statistically sound data to read each machine that they service. This information will be ready at your fingertips and updated daily once you engage with our services.

☑️   Leadership Development

When it comes to Executive Coaching, 360 Degree Assessments, Legal and Compliance Training, and Team Building exercises, we have your organization covered. For new leaders, these tools are essential. For current leaders, a refresher training can give your organization the boost it needs to overcome your current challenges and bring a fresh perspective to how your organization demonstrates the latest and most innovative training either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly – whichever works best for your team.

☑️   Hiring and Onboarding Consultation and Training

Do you have time to go through resumes? What types of interview questions are you using to pull out any potential red flag hires? Are you leaving new employees on their first day without any onboarding to the organization? Our qualified HR professional can take these pressures off your plate and keep the talented individuals engaged that you worked hard to get in the door.

☑️   Updating Policies and Procedures

The greatest landmine of all businesses small and large are compliance and legal risks. From federal and state regulations, reporting, employment laws, and disability management, any wrong moves can lead to costly fines or potential lawsuits. Let our HR pro handle these complex compliance concerns and build policies to cover your organization so you can get back to growing your business.