CRM Management

NEXERA provides the following CRM Management services:

  • Cleanup and Maintenance
  • Weekly Activities Scheduling
  • Develop Incremental Income
  • Preload Appointments
  • Creation of New Business Opportunities
  • Customer Call Management
  • Sales Activity Management
  • Define 400 to 600 qualified Prospect companies per sales representative

Growth Management Services Growth Management Services

Our customized CRM Dashboard and “Positioning” Contact Strategy will significantly increase your net new customers

  • Traditional cold calling and telemarketing is expensive and fails to build long-term relationships. This strategy results in low success rates and profit margins
  • NEXERA’s customized CRM Dashboard tracks indicators and results for your sales team
  • NEXERA’s account contact strategy sustains growth by focusing on developing strong relationships to create a favored position with current competitive accounts

Identification & Assessment

Our experts will first perform a deep dive into your CRM system and processes. NEXERA will provide search filters to identify “Net New Business” opportunities including EDA data and Project 100 Accounts.

CRM Database

We provide your sales team with a well-maintained CRM database. We will scrub the database, eliminate duplicates and then update accounts by using data mined from sources such as Google, Linked In, Credit Safe USA, and Info USA.

Generate Opportunities

Our team will develop a relationship with your potential customers, delivering confirmed appointments with Decision Makers and Key influences every week. Your team will spend more time contributing directly to your bottom line.

NEXERA Senior Partner Consultation

Weekly consultation using the NEXERA Sales Management model and the Activity Management Tool, with your Management and Account Representatives will track activities, outcomes and develop results that will increase closing success with selected competitive accounts.