Our Mission

Our Mission

NEXERA has a mission is to provide our customers with the most accurate, results-producing comparative copier/printer device data and benchmarks available in the industry, allowing them to achieve world-class performance in service operations.

We capture data from each individual device in the field and then compare them against benchmarks from our Worldstats™ database to determine if this device is a problem device and if so why. From there we make recommendations to address the issues and most importantly, provide solutions to correct the issues.

Since 1993, our knowledge, experience, support, and dedication that has been trusted by hundreds of dealers and manufacturers.

Over 25 years, NEXERA (formerly BEI) has worked hard to continually develop new and innovative solutions for our customers to meet the needs of a changing and often challenging industry. Our solutions incorporate workflows and detailed structure and process best practices to identify and act on opportunities to increase profitability and ROI.

Simply stated, data without processes in place to identify opportunities, understand the impact and implement a strategy to achieve results from the data…..is simply just data.

Whether helping sales with device performance data to understand the most effective and efficient device placement from day one, creating demand time and proficiency-based technician territories, managing inventory, automatically building technicians car stocks, we provide the solutions necessary to consistently measure, manage, and maintain a highly effective and resulting producing service team.



People:  your customers and your employees

Process:  how you care for your people

Productivity:  the natural result of a good process and great people coming together