Merger with BSC

NEXERA (formerly BEI Services) and Business Systems Consulting have merged their unprecedented suite of offerings to more fully support independent dealers and industry manufacturers under the NEXERA  banner.



The mission of NEXERA since the day it was founded in 1993, has been to provide the office automation channel with the most accurate, results-driven, comparative printer and copier device data, and performance benchmarks that are available to the industry.

In capturing data from nearly 4 million devices we are positioned to compare individual machines by benchmarking them in our WorldstatsTM database. This enables us to identify machines performing outside their optimum, and, more importantly, to explain why.

From this unique vantage point, we are positioned to deliver results-driven recommendations to address the issues, as well as to provide proven solutions to correct them.

Simply stated, data has no value without;

  • Processes in place to identify opportunities.
  • The means to understand the impact.
  • The ability to implement a strategy proven to achieve results.

Raw data in isolation fails to achieve the threshold necessary for actionable business intelligence.

Helping sales with device performance data necessary to understand:

  • The most effective and efficient device placement.
  • Creating demand time and proficiency-based technician territories.
  • Managing inventory.
  • Automatically building technician “car stocks”.

NEXERA provides the solutions necessary to consistently measure, manage, and maintain a highly effective and results-driven service team.

About BSC

The mission of Business Systems Consulting is to strive to make companies in the Office Automation channel more successful by directing the implementation of business plans and human resources while creating a customer-centric culture and promoting a supportive work environment that is coaching in nature.

Leveraging our industry-specific understanding with a strong focus on revenues, we deliver an outcome-based process using best practices specific to the industry.

We establish a clear and concise vision for our clients that:

  • Provides clarity and reality for the current situation.
  • Builds the roadmap for a rolling three-year horizon.
  • Equally addresses human resource assets.

The Power of the Combination of NEXERA and BSC

Providing actionable business intelligence is only valuable if a business truly understands how to act on that intelligence.

Often, in our rapidly evolving digital environment, the pace of change and the complexity of the competitive environment serves to leave business owners struggling to understand the global view. This introduces uncertainty and often compromises the decision-making capabilities of business leadership.

Combining the world’s leading source of printer and copier data and proven providers of actionable data (NEXERA), with the only organization in the office automation channel that is entirely focused on providing services to support its philosophy for people, process, and productivity (BSC), is designed to help business leaders overcome uncertainty and improve their decision-making capabilities.

Leveraging NEXERA’s actionable business intelligence, alongside BSC’s industry-proven role for implementation, is a winning combination designed to help clients develop a competitive advantage in a complex industry.