Bud Karakey

Vice President of Customer Engagement

Bud Karakey joined NEXERA (formerly BEI Services) in March of 2009 as VP of Operations. Since that time Bud has provided strategic focus in product design and development, market outlook as well as sales and marketing.

Bud has 20 years of industry experience in creating and designing software solutions that help the imaging industries service department’s productivity and performance increase. As one of the original founders of ADS Communications, Bud installed and supported the ADS product at hundreds of dealerships in North America. In March of 2004 ADS was acquired by EFI where Bud became the Director of Service for the ADS division of EFI. In June of 2006 the ADS division was spun out of EFI with a new name of MWA Intelligence. As a minority shareholder in MWA, Bud held a number of VP positions prior to his move to BEI Services. Bud attended Maricopa Technical Institute in Arizona and then joined the United State Air force.

Connect with Bud: 307.250.7214